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Structural features masterbatch weighing machine

1, multi-standard storage hopper:
Weighing machine masterbatch modular design specifications stainless steel hopper, easy to clean, good interchangeability. Removing and extremely easy to install, the user can type and amount of compounding of raw materials to select the appropriate storage hopper.
2, modular handling:
Can be installed directly on the host, it can also be mixed as a centralized stations. Please station for centralized mixed with the use of an optional hopper and suction box features support structure.
3, humane monitoring:
Weighing masterbatch machine comes standard with multi-site, as the material hopper transparent window, the user can observe and monitor the entire installation by compounding and mixing in the hopper bin transparent depending on the silo process.
4, intelligent control system:
Full color graphic touch screen industrial control, intercom intelligent man-machine interface, simple operation, self-optimization, automatic calibration, intelligent Yangchih vibration, by comparing the calculated set value and the actual value, mixed continuous optimization process to ensure that the raw material mixed more accurate.
5, network management:
USB or Ethernet interface data connection, updating and revision of the convenience of online data, remote operation and monitoring via a computer network.
6, multi-drop delivery:
EGC series weighing spices blender optional multi-drop delivery control function by controlling a fan station and up to seven of suction machine stand, achieve mixed feeding operation up to six kinds of raw materials, as well as mixing arrive transporting host.
7, demolished the entire cleaning:
Masterbatch hopper weighing machine uses modular group legislature, the replacement material can quickly remove the hopper for cleaning, storage hopper with removable windows for view and removable storage hopper to ensure that a full range of storage hopper clean. Mixed warehouse front door can be opened, the weighing hopper can be removed for easy refueling entire mixed cabin cleaning.