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How should correct chiller operation

For a chiller running environmental conditions have become a load value then condensing heat loads is constant. Provisions of inlet and outlet temperature difference of 5 ℃, cooling water must also constant value and is inversely proportional to the flow rate and water temperature out. So, running chillers. As long as the provisions of the cooling water temperature difference on the line out of the water flow is usually the inlet and outlet of the condenser cooling water pressure drop to control. In standard conditions. Condenser water pressure drop out of tone set at 68.6 kPa (0,7kg / cm :).
In the actual operation of the cooling water system, there is often a misuse following:
⑴ not switched on before the chiller will not need to open the inlet valve of the condenser unit shutdown caused by channeling water. Never open backwater part of the cooling unit condenser flowing out, reducing the flow of cooling water in the condenser unit is running, causing condensation pressure rise host running current. Refrigeration unit decline, and the unit will be severe stop running. waste of electricity, but also reduce the cooling effect, but also easy to damage the device.
⑵ Due to a mistake on the condensing pressure host chiller and cooling water outlet temperature. To the operator caused by misjudgment. Mistaken insufficient cooling water inlet valve to open a large condenser and the cooling water pump outlet valve, and some also to open cooling tower fan, resulting in pumps, cooling tower fan power consumption increases
⑶ Moreover, blindly go to open a cooling water pump. Although the cooling water pump to open can indeed reduce the cooling water temperature and the condensing pressure, but after a water pump functioning energy wasted is therefore doubly wrong correct method of operation cooling water systems are:
⑴ run without power before the unit condenser inlet valve closes. Prevent channeling water.
⑵ Open will run out of the valve on the condenser unit (typically a normally open valve, inlet valve required to open and close. Condensers, evaporators are the same) open the corresponding cooling water pump to adjust the condenser inlet and outlet pressure drop to 68.6kPa (0.7 kg / cm :) about (the pipeline pressure drop to overcome resistance to the principle of low number of energy-saving effect is better).
⑶ if the condenser water inlet and outlet pressure gauge pointer swings too large, indicating the cooling water system with air. After the required exhaust air pressure gauge to be normal proceed.
⑷ operations, whether open several chillers, are a cooling water pump on a host (to match the same).