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Chiller cycle system introduced

When the chiller refrigerant circulatory system evaporator liquid refrigerant absorbs heat and the water evaporates. Forming a certain temperature water between the refrigerant and the ultimate difference, the liquid refrigerant has completely evaporated into gas after the compressor suction and compressed gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser, condensed into a liquid, after the adoption of thermal expansion valve throttling into low-pressure refrigerant into the evaporator, the refrigerant to complete the process of reincarnation.
When the chiller molded article due to variety of raw materials, different areas of the molded article size and shape, the clamping force required is different, please transfer mode when the minimum clamping force actually needed adjustment. In this way, it can save power consumption and significantly extend the life of the machine.
Industrial chillers use when the machine will pay attention to the safety of the operation, each operation is started Check machine safety devices, safety and security gate rams reliability. Machine running the process, remember not to put his hand into which clamping mechanism. When taking products, be sure to open the security door, after confirming the safety of personnel and no foreign body within the mold in order to close the safe door. In addition, the operation can not be inserted into the hand between the nozzle and the mold gate. When mold repair, turn off the pump motor.
Screw chiller with high efficiency, good performance, low noise, vibration, high energy efficiency, reliability, long life and other advantages. According to customer needs and cold tonnage, the use of single or multi-machine combination. Compressor Keyi load changes, automatically alternately move forward, operating hours of each compressor is balanced, greatly extending the life of the chiller.
Industrial use
1. When selecting injection molding machine dedicated chiller type size used for the injection molding machine mold cooling that is required of chiller 25HP. When used as a cooling other devices, depending on the specific flow of cooling water to be.
Holding tank and pump selection, sometimes with the chiller 2. According to the actual situation of the factory, open chiller, when an external pump, the pump power requirements with the same type of box chiller requirements are the same.
3. chiller backwater temperature, preferably not higher than 40 degrees, the higher the return water temperature, the greater the damage to the compressor.