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Plastics processing manufacturers choose automatic metering and mixing equipment, should pay attention to what?

For plastics processing companies to improve their product quality and cost competitiveness, automatic metering and mixing equipment weighing blender can be said to be essential to the configuration, in the selection should note the following.
1) to determine the processing of the product. Recipe accuracy and morphological characteristics of the material, temperature and environment, select the appropriate measurement of the mixing device economy, general injection process and extrusion processes optionally volumetric type or weight gain, or granulated chemical fiber industry selectable weight loss formula.
2) avoid some wrong understanding. Weight gain formula than high volumetric metering accuracy: in extrusion or injection molding production process, the material formulation measurement accuracy refers to the accuracy of a dynamic process, in good shape and bulk density of the material circumstances, due to the volume metering mixing and forming the master sync , weight gain formula is a batch process recipe of raw materials, and therefore weight gain dynamic accuracy is not higher than the volumetric apparatus.
Dynamic accuracy and sensor accuracy conceptual confusion: weight gain metering device, only the sensor accuracy is not enough, the most important is to understand the dynamic precision devices, including dynamic accuracy sensor accuracy, dynamic weighing accuracy (rely mainly on software design ), mixing accuracy (mainly rely on mechanical design), do not be fooled by only sensor accuracy.
The more weight sensor with higher precision: in weightlessness metering equipment, often misunderstanding is that the more weight sensor accuracy is higher, in fact, not the case at present no matter what kind of weight sensor, there is an important indicator of accuracy, Weighing in response to the largest area of ​​the resolution, the resolution, the higher accuracy, so the fewer the number of sensors used; and the more the use of sensors, indicating a lower interference or poor accuracy of the sensor, it will directly affect the software process accuracy.