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When installing chiller what needs attention?

Vapor compression chiller consists of four main components of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator, condenser, metering device forms part), these machines can achieve a different refrigerant. Should note the following when installing:
A. During the installation, please check the machine for damage? Choose the right place in order to facilitate installation and future maintenance. II. Installing the unit site must be a floor, mounting pad or foundation, the level of degree within 6.4mm of? And can withstand the weight of the unit is running.
III. Unit should be placed within the room 4.4-43.3 ℃ ambient temperature of? The sides and top of the unit should have enough space? For routine maintenance.
IV. At one end of the unit should be left to clean the condenser tubes pumping tube space? Can also use the openings or other suitable location of the hole.
5. Select the appropriate diameter pipes? Cooling system and water system unit maximum power run-time? And properly connected.
VI. For general applications? Permitted between 1.0-3.6m / s through the evaporator and condenser water flow rate.
VII. In any case load? Water flow should remain stable.
VIII. All chilled water and cooling water pipeline design and installation shall be the conventional method? Chilled water pump located on the inlet to the unit? To ensure positive pressure and flow within the unit. Piping should set the damping tube to ensure proper flexibility? When the pump is stopped but also to prevent the evaporator water is drained. Independent of the pipeline should firmly support the chiller to avoid stress applied to the member chillers. Hanger settings to facilitate the pipeline alignment.
IX. In order to reduce noise and vibration isolator is preferably mounted on the pipe.
X. In order to cost-effective use of water chillers recommended that the expert analysis of the quality of water evaporator and condenser? Poor water quality can cause fouling affect the heat transfer? Or corrosive precipitation, the breeding of organic matter? Affect the performance of the unit? Increase operation and maintenance costs. Bus Machine XI. Regular cleaning generally correct water treatment and control of energy to maintain its good performance? If the existing water quality conditions can not be improved by a proper method? Then you need to consider to allow tubes larger dirt factor or designated special structural materials.
XII. Please install the water inlet filter? And cleaned regularly.
XIII. After the completion of the leakage test must all take over the port rust treatment.
? In order to facilitate the installation routine maintenance work users can use some of the following (or all) measures:? A shut-off valve and pressure gauge with a cock can be installed on the inlet and outlet of the cooling water and chilled water as close to the chiller; B equipment can be set up above the hanging rail and beams to facilitate maintenance.