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What you need to know when the chiller selection?

1. What is non chiller start and stop, how to choose?
Non-start-stop type of chiller is actually within the refrigerant flow control chiller refrigeration cycle to control the temperature of water. The manufacturing principle chiller, is divided into two kinds of control mode, use within 5 degrees of the refrigerant flow control, so that the chiller can precisely control the temperature of plus or minus 0.1 degrees, 5 degrees outside using the compressor start-stop mode, so chiller energy conservation without the need for refrigeration strong case. Based chiller works for refrigeration chiller substantially meet the accuracy requirements (high precision can be used refrigerant flow control mode).
The remaining is the cooling power and pump selection requirements, and as far as the specific heat, you can choose different cooling capacity chiller, and then look at the pump head and flow requirements, select a different pump. So that you can find a suitable chiller.
2. The amount of heat chiller is 50W / ℃, the unit value and how to understand what its basic principle is the heat?
Heat output is to a temperature higher than normal air heating components with the ambient temperature air heat exchange, after the equilibrium temperature was out of power and temperature parameters. 50W / degree Celsius represents each higher than the normal temperature can be scattered 50W of heat away. CW-3000 series through its own water inside and a heat exchanger to heat the target object components and ambient temperature air heat exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling, cooling is an economical compact device. 3. How to calculate the amount of cold water chiller, often see the chiller model with "HP" (horse) to represent, but specifically how many tons the amount of cold water,
You can be calculated out of it?
Amount of cold water, generally represented by RT, but in three-ton: ton United States, Japan and the United Kingdom ton ton we usually say the United States and the most common are tons of cold, with US.RT indicates, US is the United States. Abbreviation of 1US.RT = 3516.7W, and HP refer to the input power of the compressor chiller units, general 1HP compressor cooling capacity 2500W can, of course, some use 1HP chiller compressors, will only be possible there 2300W, some 1HP chiller may be 2800W, if you use 1HP compressor input power, the entire system will have cooling capacity of 2800W, the equivalent of 0.8 tons of US cold. So on what it should be possible to calculate the relationship between HP and the cold water of the tonnage.