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Industrial chiller manufacturers operating cycle of the system pay attention to safety

  Industrial chiller manufacturers recycle system interpretation of chillers, industrial chillers are a variety of essential industrial products manufacturers, then we need to understand the industrial chiller cycle system, a better understanding of the characteristics of the product. Avoid unnecessary trouble.
    Industrial chiller manufacturers in the use of the machine must pay attention to the safety of operation, each operation began to check the safety of the machine, the safety of the mandrel and security door reliability. The machine is running, remember not to hand into the clamping mechanism which. When taking products, be sure to open the security gate, in the confirmation of personnel safety and no foreign body after the mold, to close the security door. In addition, during operation, the hand can not extend between the nozzle and the mold gate. When repairing the mold, turn off the oil pump motor.
    Machine molding products, due to the variety of raw materials, molding products, size and shape of the different areas, the clamping force is required is different, when adjusting the mold according to the actual needs of the minimum clamping force adjustment. In this way, the power consumption can be saved and the service life of the machine can be significantly prolonged.
  Water refrigerant cycle system evaporator in the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat in the water and began to evaporate, the ultimate refrigerant and water to form a certain temperature difference between the liquid refrigerant is completely evaporated into a gaseous state after being inhaled by the compressor And compressed, gaseous refrigerant through the condenser to absorb heat, condensed into a liquid, through the thermal expansion valve throttling into low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant into the evaporator to complete the refrigerant cycle.