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The environmental chiller controls the temperature of the vacuum coating machine

  Environmental chiller is a water cooling equipment, can provide constant temperature, constant current, constant pressure cooling water equipment. The working principle is first to the machine into a certain amount of water tank, through the cooling system to water cooling, and then by the pump cooling water will be sent to the cooling equipment, chilled water will be taken away after the temperature and then back to the water tank temperature , To cool the role. Cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to requirements, long-term use can save water.
  Environmental chillers control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of the plated parts. If not equipped with chiller can not make the vacuum coating machine to achieve high precision and high efficiency of the purpose of temperature control, because the natural water and cooling tower are inevitably affected by the natural temperature, and this way control is very unstable.
  Early vacuum coating is to rely on the spontaneous scattering of the evaporator, combined with poor work efficiency and low gloss difference. Now with the medium-frequency magnetron sputtering target with a magnetron target will be the evaporation of molecules in the film under the action of the electric field to accelerate the bombardment of the target, sputtering a large number of target atoms, neutral target atoms (or molecules) Film on the substrate to solve the natural evaporation of the past can not be processed film species, such as titanium plating zirconium and so on.