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Analysis of Injection Molding Advantages of High Temperature Water Mold Temperature

  High temperature water mold temperature machine to heat transfer oil as the media (referred to as oil temperature or oil mold temperature) advantages.
  (1) high-temperature state is relatively safe operation under low pressure.
  (2) can be achieved more than the water temperature control mode temperature range. The role of mold temperature machine is used to improve the   mold temperature or cooling to reduce the mold
temperature and to achieve a reasonable temperature and control the injection temperature,   injection molding to ensure quality and optimize the processing time. High temperature water moldtemperature in the injection molding industry, the temperature of the mold injection molding quality and injection time has a decisive role. Mold temperature control of the purpose and moldtemperature of the impact of injection molding; effective control of the mold temperature conditions; mold temperature; thermal fluid; mold temperature of the mold temperature of the injection mold; The advantages and economy.