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Environmental chillers and chemical chillers to judge the difference between you

  Environmental chillers and chemical chillers to judge the difference:
  Water quality requirements for chemical chillers
  Water softening, the use of chillers in the process, is also a problem can not be ignored, the ph value of the water also need to constantly observe the best ph value should be equal to 7, low temperature thermostat, ph value greater than 7 will produce terrible Of the corrosion phenomenon, if not taken, will be in the evaporator, mold fouling, will play the role of insulation, serious, so that the energy conversion effect by 30%. Obviously this requires consideration of softening of hard water. The most effective way to configure an electronic hard water softener in the system, such softener is designed in the principle of the exchange from the production. According to the different flow rate can be configured different specifications of the softener, directly connected to the circulating water pipeline, the general configuration of the cost of water treatment softener will not be too high, can also be periodically circulated system to add a certain percentage of detergents .
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